Frequently Asked Questions about Gift Registry


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At Sent with Love, we pride ourselves in giving couples the ultimate flexability when creating their gift registry. You have total control over what you add to your gift registry. If you can imagine it, you can create it, and add it to your gift registry. You can choose to create items for your registry that are experiences, such as dinner at a special restaurant while on your honeymoon, items that you would love to add to your home such as that gorgeous bed linen set, or anything your imagination can create.
Anything at all. Gifts do not have to be found in a retail store, then can be anything at all. Many couples are now choosing to add experiences to enjoy on their honeymoon. Guests purchase the item and you receive the funds at the close of the registry. It is up to you to decide how you will spend the funds. Have a look at our sample registry for inspiration.
No, Sent with Love allows registry users to have the ultimate in flexibility. We are not affiliated with any suppliers, therefore you are not bound by what the stores have on offer. You may choose any item you wish, to add to your gift registry. If the item is located at a particular store, your guests don’t need to worry about sourcing the item, wrapping it, and then bringing it to you. You may simply add the item to your registry, and guests can choose to ‘buy’ the item from your registry. Your guests pay for the gift by completing the online transaction with Sent with Love, and the money is then transferred to you at the close of your registry. You receive the funds and it is up to you as to how you spend the registry funds.
Don’t worry, this is an option too. If your guest would prefer to ‘reserve’ the item off your registry, and source it independently, wrap it and give it to you, which is no problem at all. All they need to do is click on ‘reserve’. The item is therefore listed as ‘reserved’ on your gift registry, advising other guests that this gift has been ‘sold’.
Sent with Love charges a one off set up fee of $139 to the gift registry couple/creator.
No. The gist registry is free to all guests. We do, however, pass on the credit card processing fees of 2.7%, and PayPal fees of 3.7%, at cost for transactions. We don’t charge a fee for bank transfers. Our bank details are:
National Australia Bank
Account Name: Sent with Love
BSB: 082 356
Account Number: 416 872 822
Be sure to include the name of the wedding couple for reference
We offer payment by credit card over the phone. We also offer bank deposit. Bank Deposit details are:
National Australia Bank
Account Name: Sent with Love
BSB: 082 356
Account Number: 416 872 822
No. It is up to you how many items, and of what value, you wish to add to your gift registry. Please note that if your guest purchases total less than the registry fee of $139, at the close of your registry, then Sent with Love will deduct this total amount from your registry fee.
Yes. Items may be added to your registry at any time, right up until the close of your gift registry, at a date chosen by you.
At a date chosen by you. When creating your gift registry, you choose a date that you would like your registry to close. We suggest you choose a date after your wedding/baby shower date. This way, guests who haven’t gotten around to choosing an item off the registry can still do so after the wedding/baby shower date.
No. You may create your gift registry for free. You may add any number of gifts to your registry, also for free. You are only charged the gift registry fee if and when your guests make purchases start making purchases from your registry. The Sent with Love gift registry fee will be deducted from your total funds at the close of your registry, or when you request your first transfer of funds.
At the close of your gift registry, funds will be automatically transferred to your nominated bank account, or via PayPal if you chose this option, less the gift registry fee ($139). You may choose which option suits you best, when creating your gift registry.
Certainly. The funds in your registry have been contributed by your guests, and are yours (less the registry fee). Call us or email us to arrange a bank transfer to your bank account prior to the close of your registry.
Provided that your item has not been purchased or ‘reserved’ by a guest, you may delete an item off your registry. Simply log into your registry and delete the item from your registry dashboard
Yes. Simply click on ‘order your registry cards’, choose a design and nominate the number of cards you require. We will post them to you. Your registry cards will have your unique log in details for your guests to access your gift registry with us. Your guests may also locate your gift registry by searching using either partner’s first and last name.
You will receive an email which will include the log in details for your guests. Your guests may also locate your gift registry by searching using either partner’s first and last name.
Yes. You can set up items for either the full price or in shares for a particular item. That way any big ticket items, such as flights, can be contributed to by a number of your guests, each purchasing shares. You choose the value and number of each share when you add the item to your gift registry.
You may choose to set your gift registry currency when setting up your gift registry. We offer Australian, USA, NZ and Canadian dollars, UK pounds, and Euro. Guests purchases are therefore in the currency of your choosing.
We recommend setting up your registry at least three months before your special day. That way your guests have plenty of time to make a purchase from your gift registry before your wedding or baby shower.
At any time you may view messages and purchases by clicking on ‘YOUR GIFT REGISTRY SUMMARY’.
Your special day has occurred and you are ready to write your thank you cards. We have made this as simple as possible for you. You are able to view your guest purchases and special messages at any time, including after the registry has closed. Our postcard service is a great way for thank you cards to be personal to each guest. Simply upload an image for the front of your thank you postcard. It can be anything, such as a photo of you enjoying that snorkelling adventure purchased from your gift registry. Write a personal message to your guest, confirm the postal address details, and for a small fee, we will print off your postcard and mail it by post to your guest.
$2.25 for postal addresses in Australia
$4.00 for postal addresses outside of Australia